How do I Maintain a Healthy Weight?

Are you at a healthy weight? That is great, because it means you have less chance of health problems. How do you ensure that you maintain this weight?

You maintain your weight if there is a balance between the amount of energy from your food and drink and the amount of energy that your body uses. If you eat more than you consume, your body stores the unused energy in the form of fat. Then you gain weight. If you don’t eat more than you need, you won’t gain weight. You then maintain your weight. We call this the energy balance

Do you want to maintain your weight after you lose weight? Then slightly different advice applies .

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

  1. Eat a varied diet. Choose from all subjects of the Wheel of Five every day .
  2. Limit the number of products outside the Wheel of Five . You don’t need them and they often contain too many calories, salt or saturated fat.
  3. Get enough exercise every day . That is possible with sport, but with an active lifestyle you can go a long way. For example, take the stairs more often instead of the elevator, cycle to work or go shopping more often.
  4. A food diary gives you more insight into what you know. By keeping a digital diary you can see which products contribute to a healthy diet and which do not.
  5. Weighing regularly is the easiest way to check that your weight is staying right. It is sufficient to step on the scale once a week to once a month. Always at the same time of the day, wearing as little clothes as possible. Or weigh yourself wearing more or less the same clothes. If your weight increases, correct by eating less or differently and exercising a little more. Or take a balance day now and then.

How Many Calories do I Need?

Below you will find how many calories you should take in to maintain your healthy weight. Remember these are averages. How much energy you need depends on your height, weight and activity pattern, among other things. Your weight is the best measure of whether you are consuming too few, enough or too many calories.

How many calories do you need?
Little active lifestyle   
 1-3 years 1,000 900
 4-8 years 1,500 1,300
 9-13 years 2,150 2,000
 14-18 years 2,700 2,100
 19-30 years 2,700 2,000
 31-50 years 2,600  1,900
 51-70 years 2,400 1,800
 over 70 2,200 1,700
More active lifestyle   
 Age Men
 1-3 years 1,100 1,000
 4-8 years 1,600 1,500
 9-13 years 2,400 2,200
 14-18 years 3,100 2,400
 19-30 years 3,100 2,400
 31-50 years 3,000 2,300
 51-70 years 2,600 2,000
 over 70 *  
Pregnant women not
very active lifestyle *
 age Women
 19-30 years  2,300
 31-50 years  2,200

Little active lifestyle during breastfeeding *
 age Women
 19-30 years  2,500
 31-50 years  2,400

 * During pregnancy you need a little more. But how much more, that varies greatly from person to person. Do not eat on purpose during your pregnancy. For pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people over 70 years of age, we have only shown the energy requirement for a less active lifestyle. The group of elderly people is very diverse and it is therefore difficult to estimate the energy requirement for an active lifestyle. For everyone, the more you move, the more calories you need.

A less active lifestyle is understood to mean: sedentary work and little exercise in your spare time.

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